NaNoWriMo 2019

Yes I’m trying…AGAIN

I have failed every single time I’ve ever attempted doing NaNoWriMo. Even when I have modified to fit my needs, I have failed. However, I still find myself every year planning out what I want to do for National Novel Writing Month.

The original challenge is to write a novel (50,000 words) across the month of November. I know that I can’t do this—with my health there is just no way—but I still want to use this month to push me into focusing on my writing. So, once again I’m going to give it a shot, but on my terms.

Here’s what I’m aiming for:

1. Edit My WIP

 I have about 12,000 words done on a my main project that I’ve written across the last two years, but I’ve added so much to the story in my notes since writing it. So my goal is to edit and add to that work in progress, to put in the changes I’ve come up with over the past few months

2. Short Story

I know I can’t write a novel in a month, so let’s try a short story! I have a story brewing based on a song that could stretch into a full novel, but I want to write it as a short story first.

3. Write something AT LEAST Five Days a Week

I mean, I want to write every day, but I’m trying to be realistic and set myself up for success.

 Is anyone else doing NaNoWriMo this year? Let me know and follow my twitter @lindsayglenne to keep track of my updates. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2019

  1. I’m skipping this year 😦 I think it’s great to get into a 5-day a week habit, even if you don’t do the 50K words. Just get your brain accustomed to being ready to write everyday. I find it’s best to do it at the same time every day too. Best of luck and I look forward to hearing about your short story!

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