Ten Years

Knowing the exact date you got sick is a blessing and a curse. Going to doctors I’m able to give them a very concise history of when everything started. However, I’m constantly reminded of that day, every year. I’ve talked a lot about my chronic pain journey—especially when it comes to my brain tumor—but IContinue reading “Ten Years”

NaNoWriMo Check-in

Hello all! As I said at the beginning of the month, I’m attempting to do NaNoWriMo this year….kinda. Because of my issues with concentration and pain, I knew I would never be able to do everything in the span of one month. So, I gave myself three months! I can do whatever I want, bitches!Continue reading “NaNoWriMo Check-in”

Old Writing Assignments, Vol. 1

As I was looking for a saved document, I came across a bunch of old assignments from different writing classes during college. While I was reading through them, I thought, why not post some? They aren’t the best, but I look at them as important stepping stones in my writing journey. So this piece was fromContinue reading “Old Writing Assignments, Vol. 1”

The Mighty: How Fibromyalgia Tried to Take Away My Greatest Love

I got another piece published on The Mighty! If you’ve never heard of The Mighty, they’re a website that focuses on articles and stories about disabilities, disorders, diseases, mental health.  I’ve been helped immensely from the site, comforted in finding people just like me: trying to survive and have a life despite my many obstacles.Continue reading “The Mighty: How Fibromyalgia Tried to Take Away My Greatest Love”

Rant: March For Our Lives

When the Aurora, Colorado shooting happened on July 20th, 2012, I was absolutely devastated.  Obviously, I was saddened for the many people who lost their lives and were injured that night—I even had a friend who was also seeing The Dark Knight around the same time at another theater just a few miles away.  ButContinue reading “Rant: March For Our Lives”

The Writing Chronicles Vol. 2 – Organization

I struggle a lot with organizing my thoughts when it comes to my book. I keep a word document open on my computer at all times.  It’s basically a digital notepad.  There is no rhyme or reason to its madness—I will just type whenever I get an idea whether it be about a character orContinue reading “The Writing Chronicles Vol. 2 – Organization”