A Letter to My Younger Self

This time ten years ago, I left the bubble and comfort of my home, my friends, and my family to move about 1,000 miles north for college in Oregon. Because this is a sort of anniversary of sorts, I thought I would write a letter to that scared, barely eighteen-year-old who was about to embark on this overwhelming journey.Continue reading “A Letter to My Younger Self”

Old Writing Assignments, Vol. 1

As I was looking for a saved document, I came across a bunch of old assignments from different writing classes during college. While I was reading through them, I thought, why not post some? They aren’t the best, but I look at them as important stepping stones in my writing journey.

So this piece was from my Creative Non-Fiction class, senior year.  I believe the purpose of the assignment was to write the same anecdote from three different perspectives. Enjoy!

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