Goodbye to New Girl

Going through all the episodes of New Girl to pick out my favorite moments, I realized just how solid the first season was. A first season of a show is always the hardest. It takes time to establish these characters and to find the groove of the show.  And nowadays, it’s so hard to predict if you’re going to make it past a year, even to at least 13 episodes. The writers did a great job of making a rock-hard first season just in case that was all they were going to get. Thank God, New girl carried along for a total of seven seasons. You’ll notice most of my favorite moments are from the first three seasons. That’s not because I didn’t enjoy the other four—I did very much—but I have watched the first three seasons so many times that they are more imprinted in my head. But I think I have decided that Season 2 is my all-time favorite.

And now for my favorite moments of the beloved comedy, New Girl! Most likely, I’m missing a lot of classics but off the top of my head this is what I have. Get ready for a lot of feelings *WEEEE*:

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Understanding My Depression

The more I read about mental illness, the more I understand about my own mental health. Whether its through memoirs or fiction, I’m learning that I’m not alone. I always thought that I didn’t become depressed until I started to have chronic pain. I contributed the two to one another; I have depression because of my pain, there is a direct correlation between the two. I can’t be the person I want to be because I’m limited by my illness. This causes me to be depressed. However, I’m coming to realize that I was showing some signs during childhood that weren’t exactly healthy or normal.

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“Riots. not diets!”

I devoured Dumplin‘, by Julie Murphy, when I first heard of it a few years ago. Fat main character? Sold! Puddin’, the companion novel, was no different. Instead of following the trials and tribulations of Dolly Parton obsessed Willowdean, we hear from two complete opposites: dancer Callie Reyes and Miss Positivity, Millie Michalchuk.

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Fibromyalgia Awareness Day


It’s Fibromyalgia Awareness Day! I was diagnosed six years ago when I was still in college. Fibromyalgia impacts my entire life: physically, emotionally, and mentally.

There is no cure. It only gets harder. All we have is to raise awareness and to get people to understand and listen. No I’m not “lazy,” or “faking it.” Just because we don’t look sick on the outside doesn’t mean we aren’t a complete mess on the inside.


Tragedy has struck our television screens. The idiots at Fox have cancelled Brooklyn 99. The Internet went absolutely crazy after the announcement yesterday, lashing out at the network for getting rid of such a important and inclusive show. People were immediately tweeting different hashtags like #SaveB99 and #Brooklyn99, where it was trending world wide with two separate hashtags. These campaigns came out in full-force and by this morning the show was being shopped around at Hulu, Netflix, and other networks.

When you piss off Lin Manuel Miranda AND Luke Skywalker, you know you done messed up!

That is the genius of Dan Goor and Mike Schur. They take simple subjects like a common work-place, local government, and now, a police precinct, and create amazing and diverse characters. They kicked it up a notch with their storylines with Brooklyn 99 and told more serious and timely stories while still keeping their silly tone. Two Latina cops, one that becomes a Lieutenant, a black and openly gay Captain who is running for Commissioner, a leading man who is a feminist, the list goes on.  The show also recognizes how police are perceived in the media and they don’t shy away.  This show is so important and so hilarious, it’s not fair that it’s being taken away from us.