Top Memoirs of 2022

Surprise, surprise—I have too many favorite books this year. What do you expect when you finish the year with 203 books read. So we’re going to make separate posts for each category. Enjoy!

March Wrap Up

I’ve been letting this blog fall to the wayside and that makes me really sad. I’m going to try to make a bigger effort to get my reviews back on track. Until then, my March Wrap Up!

A Girl in One Room Review and My Experience

An incredible look into the life of a young woman living with a severe case of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

Top Books of 2020: Memoirs

This is the first of many ‘Best of’ posts to expect over the next few weeks, moving into the new year. I’m hoping I’ll squeeze in a few more 2020 movies before the end of the year because my ‘Top Movies’ list this year is severely lacking. But first! Let’s talk about some memoirs!