Fall Health Update 2020

It’s been a while! I can’t remember the last time I talked about my health on the blog so I thought I would give an update on all things chronic pain, brain tumors, and disability.

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A Letter to My Younger Self

This time ten years ago, I left the bubble and comfort of my home, my friends, and my family to move about 1,000 miles north for college in Oregon. Because this is a sort of anniversary of sorts, I thought I would write a letter to that scared, barely eighteen-year-old who was about to embark on this overwhelming journey.Continue reading “A Letter to My Younger Self”

Pain is…

September is National Pain Awareness Month, something that I didn’t know existed, but I’m here for it. This is just a little stream of consciousness about my own struggles with pain.Continue reading “Pain is…”

28 Birthday Questions

When you get older, birthdays get weird. My birthday used to be an event—and now I just want to avoid the day. I hope I get to a point where it’s fun again. Last year on my birthday, I did a post of 27 facts about me. So this year I thought I would do 28 random questions. I pulled these questions from all over the internet.Continue reading “28 Birthday Questions”