Writing Chronicles, Vol. 3

I’m stuck. I’ve been working on this one story for a few months now. I get bursts of inspiration in the middle of the night and have basically outlined the timeline of the story in my head, but lately, I’ve been feeling stuck.

But then I cam across an old story I was writing, and my mind started racing with a new way to present that idea and word vomit spewed out of me. So now what? Do I take time to get focused and inspired again with my first story—the one with the four pages of notes and a fully formed idea? Or do I put it on pause to chase the newer story that isn’t quite flushed out yet?

When I see authors like Adam Silvera who published two books last year and has another one coming in October 2018 or Kasie West, who pumps out a book a year (or say, three in 2017 alone!) and I wonder how they can get so much information out on the page that quickly. Is it normal to juggle multiple stories at the same time? Maybe it could help spark new ideas. Taking a step back on a project and working on something else could help rejuvenate the mind so that the next time you go back to that project, you have a clear head.

Let me know your thoughts? Do other writers struggle with having too many ideas running through your head?


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  1. Emily Bishop says:

    This happens to me as well. Too, too many ideas. I’m finding that if I flesh out my stories beforehand, AKA plotting, they die. Dead on arrival. I just get so bored because I know where I’m heading already. I keep a memo pad on my desk where I jot down the main gist of each story idea. After that, I do my best not to think about them anymore until I’m ready to write. Otherwise, like I said, they die. I wish I could multitask stories like the authors you mentioned in your post, but I just can’t. Slow and steady and one at a time is the only way I can write.


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