Life Inside My Mind

Why is it that mental illness leaves its sufferers feeling guilty for something that is genuinely beyond their control?”

This month I have been fully immersing myself into the world of mental illness. I’ve told my story, but I wanted to hear from other people. Life Inside My Mind, edited by Jessica Burkhart, is a collection of 31 essays from authors, sharing their personal experiences with mental illness.  Discussing this, especially with teens, is so, so important. Many mental illnesses develop during adolescence and having the resources to understand these disorders is extremely necessary. It also allows teens to understand that they’re not alone. Throughout reading these essays, I found pieces of myself throughout almost every essay, realizing things about my own mental health.

Some essays are more reflective, talking about how mental illness affects them. Others give a narrative look into their history or they detail one specific aspect.  Finally, readers get a glimpse into the experiences with a loved one, whether it be a child or a sibling. It was really affective to show different kinds of viewpoints and approaches to handling their mental health. I think this is an important book to have available for all ages.

Some of my favorite entries were: “This Thing Inside Me” by Scott Neumyer and “Better Than Normal” by Karen Mahoney

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