Goodbye to New Girl

Going through all the episodes of New Girl to pick out my favorite moments, I realized just how solid the first season was. A first season of a show is always the hardest. It takes time to establish these characters and to find the groove of the show.  And nowadays, it’s so hard to predict if you’re going to make it past a year, even to at least 13 episodes. The writers did a great job of making a rock-hard first season just in case that was all they were going to get. Thank God, New girl carried along for a total of seven seasons. You’ll notice most of my favorite moments are from the first three seasons. That’s not because I didn’t enjoy the other four—I did very much—but I have watched the first three seasons so many times that they are more imprinted in my head. But I think I have decided that Season 2 is my all-time favorite.

And now for my favorite moments of the beloved comedy, New Girl! Most likely, I’m missing a lot of classics but off the top of my head this is what I have. Get ready for a lot of feelings *WEEEE*:

  • The Pilot – S1, EP1

I was excited when this first aired. I remember being in college and pumped to have Zoey Deschanel on my TV screen. I was instantly charmed


  • “Naked” – S1, EP4

This was probably the first time I fell in love with Nick Miller

  • “Thanksgiving”-S1, EP6

Justin Long’s character was a great partner for Jess. He was so sweet and adorable. This was the beginning of the best Thanksgiving episodes in TV since How I Met Your Mother (Slapsgiving, anyone?)

  • “Fancyman, part 1” – S1, EP17

I love this episode just for Nick in Russell’s study. He falls in love with the fancy man.


  •  “Menzies” – S2, EP7 

This is probably one of my favorite episodes of the entire series. Jess is so relatable, saying everything ladies wish they could yell during our time of the month. Winston starts to think he’s getting sympathy cramps is genius. And the first episode with Tran!

giphy (1)

  • “Parents” – S2, EP8

A-plus casting for Jess’s parents, Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner.

  • “Eggs” – S2, EP9

Don’t even get me started on the credit scene with Schmidt at the gyno. Plus, June Diane Raphael!

  • “Santa” – S2, EP11

Another thing New Girl does very well—Christmas.

635884961366887906-2038694179_no holiday shopping

  • “Pepperwood” – S2, EP14

Our first Pepperwood appearance! This is a classic Nick/Jess shenanigan episode, so much ridiculousness.


  • “The cooler” – S2, EP15

FIRST KISS! I didn’t think I wanted this so bad until it happened! And I loved Dr. Sam, I thought he was adorable but if this was going to really happen he had to get out of the way!

giphy (2)

  • “Virgins” – S2, EP 23

I can’t listen to “Anything Could Happen” by Ellie Goulding without picturing this scene. It still gives me goosebumps.

  • “Winston’s birthday” – S2, EP24

Poor Winston! I always loved Winston, but this is when he started to just become out of control in the best possible way.


  • “Double Date” – S3, EP3

Lamorne Morris is such a great actor that he can make scenes where he’s the only main character and make them amazing. Him trying to keep that damn dinner reservation is brilliant.

  • “Birthday” – S3, EP13

Just full on sweetness.

  • “Background Check” – S4, EP6

Just full on ridiculousness.

  •  “Clean Break” – S4, EP22

The proposal! I love the nod back to the first season when Schmidt declared that he was going to marry Cece even though she hated him. This was a perfect full circle moment


  • “Bob & Carol & Nick & Schmidt” – S5, EP5

Winston and Cece’s relationship really blossomed in the episode and I loved it.


  • “The Hike” – S6, EP14

Robby was such a sweet understanding guy and he and Jess would have been perfect for each other if it wasn’t for the fact that they were related.

  • “Glue” – S6, EP15

I think anything having to do with The Pepperwood Chronicles is hilarious. Nick accidentally becomes an overnight sensation with the YA book community? Genius!

  • “Five Stars For Beezus” – S6, EP22

I mean come on, Nick and Jess back together? Another elevator kiss? My HEART!


  • “About Three Years” – S7, EP1

They were given a seventh season to basically give them a chance to wrap everything up for the viewers. Only having eight episodes to accomplish so much, it was a great idea to time jump. We didn’t have to see the fumbling of a resurrected relationship with Nick and Jess, or a pregnant Cece. This was a perfect beginning for the end.

  • “Godparents” – S7, EP5

Ruth and Nick’s relationship was so true to character. I could have watched a full episode with just the two of them.

  • “The Curse of the Pirate Bride” – S7, EP7

Only Jess and Nick could have a wedding that was such an epic fail. And it was perfect.


“Engram Pattersky” – S7, EP8

Next to a pilot, the most important thing is how you end of series.  You want to have the right amount of closure because these characters have been a part of your life for quite a long time. Nothing can disappoint you more than a bad finale (I’M LOOKING AT YOU HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER!). I think the New Girl was the perfect amount of humor and sweet, a true representation of the series as a whole. The quick flash forward to a future game of True American with the three families was such a wonderful added feature.

And I leave you with Jake Johnson turtle face:



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