Why I’m in Quarantine

What, like it’s hard?

First off, I hope everyone is staying safe and as healthy as possible: wash those hands for at least 20 seconds and do it often.  We are living in the craziest of times. The entire world is slowly shutting down and I know it’s making me feel so helpless. If you’re able to stay home, do it. Now, if you do need to leave the house, please PRACTICING SOCIAL DISTANCING!Even if you’re young and healthy, you can be carrying COVID-19 with no symptoms and you can pass the virus to someone who is high risk: the elderly the disabled, and the immunocompromised like me and most chronically ill people. 

Fibromyalgia symptoms mimic the symptoms of many autoimmune diseases: multiple sclerosis and lupus, to name a few. A lot of the medications that can help treat these symptoms can mess with your immune system. For me, I’m currently on prednisone for a short period of time which has lowered my immune system. Getting a regular cold when you’re chronically ill already feel like death, the last thing I could handle is COVID-19. My anxiety is definitely heightened from the constant news cycle and it doesn’t help that I’m constantly on Twitter. My advice to anyone who has anxiety, especially when it comes to being sick, is to try and disconnect from the Internet as much as possible and do your part to stay clean and inside. The only thing you can control in this type of situation is yourself. 

I’ve decided to self-quarantine. I actually had surgery on my sinuses last week so I didn’t feel up to leaving my bedroom, let alone my house. And to be perfectly honest, social distancing and being in quarantine isn’t much of a change from my regular life. I rarely leave the house to begin with—no job to go to and all my friends are on the west coast. The only difference is that I haven’t done my weekly lap around Target in a while. It has been kind of weird, though. I guess I’m inspired by others that are using this time wisely. All of a sudden I have this drive to be productive. So let’s make content and watch the things and read all the books!

That being said, I’m no expert—make sure you’re getting the CORRECT information. Social media can sometimes be really great, but in this type of situation it is way too messy. Also, support local and small businesses the best you can. Order takeout or buy gift cards to use whenever we emerge from this insane world we’re living in.

Let me know of somethings you’re doing during quarantine? I’m always up for book/movie/TV recs!

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  1. France is basically on lockdown so I read, I have online classes, exams, I’m trying to improve my German and learn some other languages, I took out my coloring books, I watch a lot of Youtube, play video games, clean the flat… There’s always something to do 😀

    I hope you stay safe ❤


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