Life Update


After a little over three years, I finally left Florida to return to my rightful home on the west coast! Once I was approved for disability, I was awarded a lot of back pay for the months where I was disabled and unable to work. Because of that back pay, I had enough money to finally get out from under parents’ nose and be on my own. I would have loved to have returned to LA because of the obvious familiarity and I truly do love it there, but it’s just not my vibe anymore. I wanted to be close to people I love, but still feel comfortable living on my own. So off to the Pacific Northwest I went!

Ever since the first time I came to visit Portland, Oregon, I fell in love straight away. While first time visiting my soon-to-be college two hours away, we flew in and out of Portland. Even just spending maybe only 24 hours there, instantly felt a connection to the weird and eccentric city. Over the next four years at my college I would try to visit as often as I could—spending the night at friends’ houses before going home for Thanksgiving, concerts, and of course, Powell’s Books. Now years later, I’m back and here for good!

Tucked away on the edge of the Pearl District, I have a lovely view of the river from my fifth-floor one-bedroom that I share with my one and only kitty cat. Moving during a pandemic is weird and unsettling but I thankfully was able to be fully vaxed before leaving Florida. Unpacking has been a slow process—moving in general kind of sent my body into a flare so I haven’t been feeling all too great. I try to get a little done every day, but you just never know when you’re going to wake up feeling like shit. The most frustrating thing is living with 35 boxes of book and nowhere to put them!

Haven’t had much time or energy to explore yet so my few pictures aren’t too exciting. Stuff is still pretty closed up for Covid times, but hopefully as summer progresses, life will get a little more exciting.

“West Coast” – Coconut Records

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