Little Women


I’ve decided to start integrating more classics into my TBR list this year.  Out of my 100 Goodreads goal for the year, I want to read 12 classics—essentially one per month.

My January pick was Little Women.  Last month I was itching to watch the 1994 movie with the great Winona Ryder. So I found a crappy version on YouTube and reveled in the young Christian Bale with his silly hair and even sillier accent.  Then I decided to read the book for the first time.  I listened to a lot of it on audiobook that I borrowed from the library.  I feel as though I’ll be listening to a lot of my classics on audiobook as this year progresses.  Is that cheating?

I love the book.  Amy didn’t annoy me as much as Kirsten Dunst does in the movie and sweet Beth came across even more fragile and docile.  I feel as though if this book came out now, Jo would be asexual.  The entire novel she talks about how marriage isn’t for her, relationships aren’t for her.  She’d much rather be writing or joking around with the guys than marrying one.  It wasn’t until everyone around her was paired up and Bayer pops back into her life, that she wants a partner.  I know that asexuality probably wasn’t even thought of back then, but in modern time she could have been an incredible advocate and role model for the community.  Also, how adorable is this edition? I’m in love with this whole collection, Puffin in Bloom, that were being sold by Anthropologie a few years ago.  I hope you enjoyed my little tangent; things like that might happen more frequently on here as I’m figuring my shit out.

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