Coachella Rant

Okay, I just need to rant for a second. I have been wanting to vent about this for a long time, but I didn’t have a blog back then. And now I do.

I was always kind of known as the weird girl because I wasn’t into the same sort of stuff as all the other kids. I hated Britney Spears and all the boy bands coming up in the late 90’s and early 00’s—Gods to the kids I grew up with. I grew up listening to alternative/rock music; the kind of music my parents liked.  Let me paint you a picture: My favorite band was Blink-182 at the age of six, I grew up knowing all the words to “Date Rape” by Sublime, I shopped exclusively at Hot Topic. I was fucking awesome.

I’ve wanted to go to Coachella since my junior year of high school 12 years ago, in 2007. Back then it was just a music festival, not a: fashion show or a place to get painfully high. My dad even wanted to go. For years I bugged him to go but he always refused, claiming I couldn’t handle the camping.

Once I was in college, Coachella started to take on a mind of its own. I remember one year spending the weekend with my computer constantly open to the live stream, watching Childish Gambino and the Arctic Monkeys. One of my best friends who happens to be a few years younger than me told me she was going the following year. I remember yelling at her on the phone, completely incredulous, “Can you even name five bands that will be there?!?” Her response was? “It’s all about the experience. Everyone is going to be there.”

Coachella has now become this massive, carnival-like event. More and more people just go because it’s the thing to do. They spend hundreds of dollars so they can fit in with the status quo. Most of them don’t even care about the music! It’s not even worth it to me to go anymore. There are still bands and artists that I love performing (hello, Beyonce?!?), but the crowds are mindboggling and it’s so hot in the middle of the desert. You can’t even enjoy the music. I don’t care if people think I’m lame. I AM lame!

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