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I thought that this we would be a nice way for you to get to know me in relation to chronic illness. This might not be for everyone but I thought it might interest someone.

What have you been diagnosed with?

Currently, I’ve been diagnosed with New Daily Persistent Headaches, chronic migraines, meningioma brain tumor, Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Disc Disease (a fusion and a few bulging discs), GERD (acid reflux), Patella Femoral, lactose intolerant, depression, anxiety

What will you tend to do at night when you can’t sleep?

If it’s my head causing me trouble, I’ll get an ice pack, but if it’s just plain ol’ insomnia, then I’ll try to read

Worst experience/side effect of a medication?

Withdrawals from Cymbalta are the absolute worst. I was off my meds for almost a week and I couldn’t stop crying for no reason, I got these brain shivers that made me so dizzy.

Honorable Mention: Taking Zoloft for the first time gave me my first panic attack. In the middle of the night, I cried for like four hours straight and I had no idea why. Also, being a total zombie on Prozac. Apparently, me and antidepressants don’t mix well.

How has your condition impacted your mental health?
Oh, I am severely depressed and anxious all the time.

Describe your social life.

What social life? I see my friends maybe once every few months.  They have “big girl” jobs and I’m stuck at home.

What is the hardest thing to do when you are flaring?

Existing? Paying attention to anything other than the pain.

Do you have worries for the future?

That everyone I care about will get sick of dealing with me and that I’ll be romantically alone forever

Favorite comfort food?

Chocolate, mac n cheese, french fries

Tell us a valuable lesson you have learned through being sick.

Who your real friends are and that you shouldn’t be embarrassed about modifications you may have to make in order to enjoy something to the best of your abilities.

Name 3 things that you miss that were taken from your health limitations.

Dance, my memory/attention span, social life

How old were you when you started noticing symptoms?

I danced while growing up so I was always kind of sore but I was diagnosed with patella femoral when I was 12

What is the biggest injustice about living with a chronic illness?

Being treated like shit just because you need a little more help. HEALTHCARE!

 What is the worst advice you have been given about your health?

Exercise and everything will magically be better

What items, related to illness, could you not cope without?

Ice packs

Can you remember being pain free?

Nope. I can barely remember what the date is

Do you know anyone in real life who shares your condition?

My momma had Fibromyalgia.  Fibro buddies 4 lyfe

One symptom you would love not to have?

Headaches/memory and concentration issues

Nice things said to you and something negative said to you about being sick.

Nice: validating my feelings. Negative: “It’s all in your head”, “Go see a therapist, you’re just depressed.”

Is your family supportive or ignorant to your suffering?

Overall, they are pretty supportive and sympathetic but my dad doesn’t really understand or respect my limitations

Describe the feeling after walking up/down stairs.

“Back and ankles are broken, I’m going to faint.”

Any natural supplements, powders or alternative treatments you would recommend?

I started using a Cephaly device to help my headaches. It’s basically a tens machine specifically for headaches. I use it religiously to help prevent migraines and I have definitely seen some results.

What is the biggest thing you would like people to know about your illness?

I’m not just lazy, waking up every day is so much harder than you can realize.

So I have no idea where I found this. It was either another blog, tumblr, or youtube. If you know who wrote it, let me know and I can give them credit.

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