Happy Galentine’s Day!

Happy Galentine’s Day! Ladies celebrating ladies! I want to highlight some of my favorite ladies in my life, but also women I look up to for inspiration. I think friendship is one of the most important aspects to a person’s life, especially to women. The people you surround yourself with can determine everything happening in your life. I have some amazing friendships that I treasure with my whole heart.

Amy Poehler

This lady is my ultimate inspiration. One of my favorite people on this planet. She’s a badass who gives zero fucks. Despite being little in stature, she’s feisty and won’t be pushed around—there’s a reason why she’s the only woman amongst three men in the founding members of the Upright Citizens Brigade. You can also tell that she’s a really caring and loyal friend. To get an Amy cackle from her would be a dream come true. I could write an entire book just on Amy Poehler quotes. If you haven’t read her book, you’r really missing out.

Tina Fey

Amy’s comedy wife and another huge inspiration to me. To be the first female head writer at Saturday Night Live is such a massive accomplishment! And to follow that out with being the creator of two very successful shows is mind boggling.

Mindy Kaling

She is another boss ass bitch who has paved the way for Women in the entertainment industry, especially when it comes to television and now moving into film, selling her movie with the great Emma Thompson at Sundance. Both her books are absolutely incredible.

Mamrie Hart & Grace Helbig

I came across this goofy duo shortly after graduating college and I immediately fell in love. Through their books, videos, movies, and podcasts they show that life isn’t perfect. and that’s okay because we’re all going to die someday.

Aidy Bryant

Little Baby Aidy. I think she is such an awesome human. She is unapologetically herself and nothing is going to to change that.


THE ULTIMATE QUEEN! I mean, really, who can compare?

My mom

My mom is one of the strongest ladies I know. She’s my best friend and we are stuck together forever and ever. Seriously, we’re like twins.

My friends

I believe in quality over quantity. My small circle of friends, I consider to be my best friends. They all come from different parts of my life. Even from across the country, they are always sending me love and support. When you get sick or have such a massive thing happen in your life—like brain surgery or radiation— you learn who your true friends really are, the people who stay by your side. They’re your ride or dies, your people, nothing can break that kind of bond.

Who are some of your favorite gal pals?



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