The Ladies of Disney!

Happy belated International Women’s Day! Since I talked a lot about the wonderful ladies that I admire in my Galentine’s Day post, I thought I would talk about a specific group of ladies that helped to shape my childhood and, let’s face it, my adulthood too. It’s not like the women I mentioned earlier didn’t have a part in forming the person I am today, but these ladies where there for me since day one. Here is my list of the many ladies of Disney!

If you didn’t already know, I am a massive Disney fan. Not like a “Oh yeah, I love Disneyland” fan or even a “I have to see the next Pixar movie in theaters” kind of fan. Disney worms it’s way into every aspect of my life. Over half my closet is Disney clothes, there is artwork on the walls, collectibles and statues on the dresser, even plushies on the bed. People often think I’m kidding when I say I’m getting married at Disneyland. I’m obsessed.

Like most little girls, I loved Disney Princesses. It’s still one of my lifelong dreams to be a dancer at Disney, or a princess (make it a dancing princess!). Now, I know when you look back at Disney movies, especially ones centered around a princess, there are a lot of aspects that don’t exactly hold up too well in 2019. However, this list is going to be about my favorite princesses that I connected with the most, fully understanding their faults. I will also give Honorable Mentions to favorite gals that aren’t considered princesses, but still kick major ass.


My main girl! Coming out just after I was born, she was the first princess I connected with—not only for being a boss bitch, but also because she had long black hair. I was always compared to Snow White (ugh) growing up because I had jet black hair cut in a bob and very pale skin despite growing up in Southern California. When I saw Jasmine, I wanted to be her! That long beautiful hair and her fun pants!



As I’m getting older, Belle is becoming my go-to number two girl. I connect with her big time. All she cares about is her books and her family. People might take her bookish personality for meekness, but she stands up for what she wants and she does it with a book in her hand.


These girls are joyful, funny, clumsy, and imperfect. They show that it’s okay to have flaws and that you don’t need to be perfect all the time, but you need to work hard to get what you want.


My girl Cindy! She is my favorite of the OG princesses—though I’m thinking Aurora had the right idea to sleep right through all the drama. Cindy just wanted to be left alone to do her chores and then be rewarded for a job well done. It’s not her fault that her stepfamily were raging bitches.

Honorable Mentions:


Now The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie of all time. It’s the first movie I ever saw in theaters when I was a toddler and so much of that had to do with Nala. She was sassy and didn’t take crap from anyone. Same goes for Simba’s mama Sarabi. One of my favorite scenes is when Scar yells for her and she walks through all of the other lionesses and the hyena’s with her head held high, never letting her dignity and pride falter. The epitome of fierceness.


Hercules doesn’t get enough attention for having one of the best soundtracks and for just being amazing as a whole. Meg is a tough chick with fabulous hair. “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” is my go to karaoke song—if I ever did karaoke…


Little Miss Wendy Darling had to take care of all the little boys in Neverland all on her own and convince Peter to fall in love with her. Girl doesn’t get enough credit.


Now there are countless other Disney ladies I could talk about but I had to draw the line somewhere. Who are some of your favorites?


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  1. From the recent movies: Merida & Moana!!! 💕


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