Top Five Disney Villains

Who doesn’t love some Disney Villains, especially during the month of spooks!I took this prompt from Haf and Anniek’s Blogtober Challenge which you can find here.

1. Hades from Herculestenor (1)

My sister and I always loved Hades because he was the first—and maybe the only—Disney villain that was hilarious. Even though James Woods is kind of an awful human being, but what he did with this role was genius.

2. Scar from The Lion King
giphy (6)

Scar is probably my most quoted villain and probably has the best villain song in the bunch.

3. Ursula from The Little Mermaid

Ursula is a boss bitch who did nothing wrong. Ariel was the one who sought her out and Ursula didn’t pressure her to do anything. Ariel signed the contract and Ursula just made sure she kept her end of the deal.

4. Hans from Frozen
source (1)

When I watched this in theaters I was shook. I didn’t see this betrayal coming at all. He manipulated not only Anna for her love, but also Elsa, to drive her away from the kingdom and her sister.

5. Gaston from Beauty and the Beast
giphy (4)

This is my favorite scene in all of Disney.

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