Frozen 2 – Review

Elsa and Anna get to wear PANTS!


giphy (8)The day has come! I got so excited for Frozen 2 to come out that I got a last minute ticket for a Thursday night showing.  I didn’t want to be left out on the Internet or get spoiled. And I’m so glad I went.

Disney isn’t exactly known for it’s sequels—and I’m not including Pixar when I say this because we all know they rock at sequels/prequels. The company didn’t start making sequels until 1997 with the release of a personal favorite of mine, The Return of Jafar. There were tons of straight to video sequels that would go totally unnoticed. Only really intense Disney fans seem to know about them. Did you know there is a Bambi 2? Or The Jungle Book 2 (I literally just learned this now when looking up other sequels). This also led to many sequels—or expanded stories/spin-offs—in the form of television shows like: Timon & Pumbaa, Big Hero 6: The Series, and Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure.

However, Frozen 2 is really the first time Disney is bringing a sequel to theaters—besides Pixar. And it makes total sense. Frozen was HUGE, selling out merchandise before it even landed in theaters. I happened to be working at a dance studio when Frozen launched and all the little kids were absolutely obsessed—both boys and girls. I was right there with them. I loved how funny and relatable Anna was and the story revolving around the love between two sisters was a refreshing story. And if you weren’t completely blown away during the twist with Hans, who even are you?

Did I like the sequel better than the original? It’s hard to say—I have to go see it a few more times to be sure. However, this was a pretty incredible and worthy sequel. The filmmakers didn’t totally phone it in because they already knew it would make a ton of money. They crafted this very compelling and dark story diving into the royal family’s history, as well as the major decision in Arendelle’s own history that would greatly affect the town and the indigenous people. While there is still lots of humor, this is definitely a more mature movie than the original—I teared up on many occasions. Our two sisters grow tremendously throughout the movie and become even stronger by the end.

Is there a song to rival the astronomical popularity of “Let it Go”? No, although they did try. I thought the songs were gorgeous and some really funny, but they aren’t as distinct as the original—which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I am going to be listening to the soundtrack on repeat for the rest of the weekend. Favorite songs so far: “All is Found” and “Lost in the Woods”

Can I also say, this movie was STUNNING! The mixing of fall colors with ice and snow—so many purples and dark greens. The song “Show Yourself” has something of the most beautiful scenes in Disney animation.

So there are my thoughts on the very anticipated sequel, Frozen 2! I’m probably missing tons of other stuff about the movie, but I am still processing everything.


Are you excited for Frozen 2?


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