Goodbye Schitt’s Creek

It’s hard to find things that make you smile during a time like this. It’s a good thing we have Schitt’s Creek.

I’ve been watching Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara since I was a little kid—Best in Show is one of my favorite movies. Up until a few years ago, I assumed they were married in real life. I remember hearing about Schitt’s Creek during the first season but I had no clue where I could watch it. A few years later, it was all anyone could talk about once it became streaming on Netflix. So last year I started from the beginning and became instantly hooked.

The world that Dan and Eugene Levy created is just so lovely. There’s zero judgement, just good and wholesome people. They take in this family that has lost almost everything, and welcome them into their town, no questions asked. The episode when Patrick comes out to his parents is so heartwarming and has helped so many LGBTQ+ people and their families. There was a massive billboard of David and Patrick kissing all over Hollywood, most notable on Sunset Blvd. The hour documentary that aired after the series finale really shows how much this show has made an incredible impact on the queer community.


And it’s so fucking funny! It’s been a while since I’ve watched a show that has consistently made me laugh out loud. When you have Eugene Levy playing the straight man in an ensemble, you know you’re in for a wild ride. Moira Rose is now going to be known as an iconic character in television history—especially with her outfit in the final episode. Her wigs! Her outfits!

Every character went through a great deal of character development over the past six years, but not as much as David and Alexis. Especially Alexis. She’s still superficial and materialistic, but she learned the true meaning of friendship with Twyla and found love with Ted.


I’m really going to miss this show, but I’m so glad the ended on their terms, at the height of their popularity. That doesn’t happen too often nowadays. Through Dan’s vision he and writers gave audiences an ending that was equal parts heartwarming and bittersweet. I can’t wait to see what he does next! 

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