2018 Favorites!

I got to do a lot of fun things this year. 2018 has probably been the best year I’ve had in a long time. I went to Disney on both coasts, I went to panels for some of my favorite TV shows. Saw some great comedy shows before leaving LA. For my birthday I visited the Pacific Northwest to be with some of my best friends from college. I love seeing my friends accomplish so much in both their professional and personal lives. I moved across the country—okay that sucked, but it still happened. Finally I took in a lot of great entertainment!

My favorites of 2018! I’m going to do a separate post on books because it will be rather involved, but here are my top movies and TV shows that made me affected me this year.


I talked about most of these movies in posts throughout this year so I won’t get too in depth, but these movies all impacted my year.

Eighth Grade

This movie was such an incredible feat for first time writer/director and one of my favorite comedians, Bo Burnham. This made me feel all the feels that I thought I repressed

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

I’ve rewatched this how many times? That says how much I love this movie and I can’t wait for the sequel!


God, this movie shook me to my core. The script is one of the most unique pieces of work I’ve ever seen.

Mary Poppins Returns

My heart! “Everything is possible, even the impossible.”

Avengers: Infinity War

After the sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, I was kind of let down. Civil War helped to patch that Ultron wound, but Infinity War BLEW. MY. MIND. I think they spent the right amount of time with each group of Avengers and did such a massive story in a really concise way. Endgame is going to ruin me.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor 

Mister Rogers was a saint. I saw this when all the innocent immigrant children started to be put into detention centers at the border and all I could think about when walking out of the movie was, “Mister Rogers would be horrified at the state of our world.” He was the epitome of just a good person. those kind of people are few and far between.

Sorry to Bother You

Bat shit crazy and I loved every minute of it.

Hearts Beat Loud 

I wish this little indie got more recognition. A father/daughter relationship that’s healthy and beautiful.

A Star is Born

Lady Gaga is a queen and we are all just existing in her world.

Honorable Mentions:



Honestly, I watched a lot more YouTube this year and not enough bingeing TV shows. This is definitely something I want to fix in 2019. Anyway, this is my top TV shows of the year. These seasons just really stood out to me.

The Good Place

This is my first year watching The Good Place—why did I wait so long!?! GENIUS, but what do expect coming from the mind of Mike Schur.

Big Mouth

Created by one of my favorite people and employs some of my favorite comedians. It’s perfect.

Brooklyn 99

We almost lost you, our sweet sweet angel. Thank God for NBC! I loved how we got more in depth with some of our favorite characters and got to learn so much more about their lives, outside the precinct.

The Handmaids Tale

Just give them all the awards. Elizabeth Moss can be reading her grocery list and it will still be one of the most compelling performances I’ve ever seen.



Silicon Valley

Each season seems to get better and better. This was the first season without TJ Miller and he wasn’t missed in the slightest.


Another season that get’s better and better. The series finale is going to be a tough one.

New Girl

I’m so glad they gave them eight more episodes to wrap up this great show and lovable characters on their terms.


So I binge watched the entire series and it was so great. I mean it’s a teen soap opera in the best way. I got overly obsessed with some characters—like watching fan video level crazy. Haven’t been able to go back in fear of getting sucked back in.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

No second season slump here. This show is so wonderful. There’s a reason it wins all the awards.

Honorable Mentions



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