The Television Tag

Its Tag Tuesday, y’all! I got this tag from the Bubbly Bookworm. This is literally just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my TV tastes. Especially now, I think the most incredible stories and characters are being told on TV.

1. Favorite shows

Oh man, this is going to be a long one: Parks and Recreation, Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Boy Meets World, Community, Freaks and Geeks, Veronica Mars, B99, The Mindy Project ahhhh there are so many!!!!

2. Favorite genre

Comedy, but I do love me a good cry.

3. Least favorite show

Game of Thrones? I’ve never actually seen it.

4. Most re-watched show/favorite show to binge watch

The shows I’ve seen the most are ones that are syndicated: Friends; Grey’s Anatomy; Boy Meets World; The Office; HIMYM, New Girl. Others that I have basically memorized from watching so many times on DVD: Scrubs and Parks and Recreation.

5. Do you prefer watching things week-by-week or binge-watching?

It really depends on the kind of show. I usually like to binge watch half hour comedies, but sometimes a drama sneaks in there and I must binge—i.e, You on Netflix

6. Favorite television characters

Spike from BTVS
The entire cast of Parks and Rec
Buster Bluth
Chandler Bing
Abed from Community
Raffi from The League
Peggy Olsen from Mad Men

7. Favorite television ships

Rae/Finn from My Mad Fat Diary

8. Show you could never get into

I tried to watch Firefly and I just couldn’t get into it, despite my love for most things Joss Whedon

9. Show you fell out of love with

I really loved Once Upon a Time because all of the Disney references and just fairy tales in general, but after the whole Frozen storyline, I had to bail. It just got way too ridiculous.

10. Cancelled too soon

Happy Endings. That show was so hilarious. I don’t know if the humor was jus too weird, but it obviously just didn’t mesh well with viewers. If you have never seen the show, go to Hulu and check that shit out!

11. Guilty pleasure show

Oh 100% Riverdale. It feels like it’s filling the Gossip Girl hole in my heart, another guilty pleasure of mine.

12. What are you currently watching?

This week, I’m going to start watching Shrill on Hulu starring Aidy Bryant. Then in April, the FX show Fosse/Verdon airs starring, Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams.

One thought on “The Television Tag

  1. How fun!! I love Veronica/Logan and I really wish I could rewatch because I honestly don’t know how much I’ve seen of it?! I kinda feel like I watched all episodes but I can’t remember lol …also I feel you on Once Upon A Time! I watched the first season and then less and less as it went on 😕

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