Top Ten Tuesday

This is my first Top Ten Tuesday!

I’ve been seeing different blogs do Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl, for a while and I thought I would join in on the fun. So today’s post is:

Books I’ve Read That I’d Like In My Personal Library (perhaps you checked it out, borrowed it from a friend, received it for review, etc. and want to own it yourself.) (Submitted by Annemieke @ A Dance with Books)

Since I’ve started reviewing a lot of books with NetGalley, I chunk of my reading is done on my kindle or from audiobooks. The thing is, I LOVE to physically own books. that’s why I have five bookshelves and many, many stacks around my house. This list is comprised of books from the past year.


These were all really incredible books that I know I’ll want to read again, especially books like How to be Luminous, You’d Be Mine and Say You Still Love Me.


This year I found my love of audiobooks, especially for memoirs and essay collections. These three were so gripping and I know I’ll want to refer back to them frequently.


  1. Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! Your list is great – I listened to Hunger on audio too and I would love a print copy too – it’s an incredible memoir! 😊
    My TTT:

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  2. bingingonabudget says:

    Thanks for sharing, which of these would you recommend reading first?

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    1. Oh man, all are so good! If you’re looking for essays, Shrill is really excellent. Hunger is phenomenal too, but tough to get through, content wise. And really can’t go wrong with the others – all YA except Say You Still Love Me


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