Spotlight on Black Voices

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you are aware of the protests around the United States—and the world—after the death of George Floyd at the hand of four police officers. These protest are highlighting the police brutality in our country, more specifically within the Black community.

I had a good 250 words about when I first learned about racism and how much I’ve always loved Black history and culture, especially as a child. But why does that matter? My perspective doesn’t matter. I’m just a white girl from LA. I have never and will never know what it’s like to be scared of the very people who are supposed to protect me. That’s why we need to educate ourselves by uplifting Black voices.

Racism is something that is learned; no one is born with prejudice in their heart. We need to be better, do better. By simply being white, I have white privilege. I can’t do much but I can listen and offer my support for Black voices. Since I do book things here, I thought I would highlight some of my favorite books by Black authors and urge you to read and learn.

Auto-Buy Authors

Angie Thomas
Brandy Colbert
Tiffany D. Jackson
Elizabeth Acevedo
Nic Stone
Ibi Zoboi
Jacqueline Woodson

Give these authors a read. They’re some of the greatest writers and these are some of my favorite books!

More information:
Black Lives Matter

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