Top TV of 2020 pt. 1

Continuing on with my favorites of 2020!

With quarantine I watched A LOT of TV. So much so that this has to be split up into two separate posts. I rewatched a few cozy comedies like New Girl and Happy Endings, and discovered new favorites! The last few years, TV has steadily surpassed all expectations and is making bold choices that constantly blow me away. Unlike with my movies list, I struggled with narrowing down my favorite picks—there was so much to love! Once again, in no particular order:

New-to-me Shows:

  • Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  • The Great
  • The Crown
  • The Morning show
  • Succession
  • Ted Lasso
  • The Babysitter’s Club
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Insecure
  • Bridgerton
  • Trying

I’m obsessed with The Crown. I had been meaning to watch the show since it first came out and I finally did it. By changing the cast every two seasons, we get to see such great development with our characters. I watched The Morning Show and Succession back-to-back and they were all I could think and talk about for days. The casts were absolutely brilliant. I screamed when Jeremy Strong and Succession won Emmys in September. Some shows that I wasn’t expecting to love so much were Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Ted Lasso, and Never Have I Ever. I knew I would enjoy them, but they brought a lot of depth and heart that I just loved. I’m still blown away from the performance Jason Sudeikis gives in Ted Lasso.

New Seasons of Old Favorites:

  • Shrill
  • Sex Education
  • Search Party
  • DuckTales

Catching up on DuckTales was probably one of my favorite watch experiences of the year. That show brings me so much joy and I’m heartbroken that it was cancelled. I was so glad to hear that HBO Max picked up Search Party after TBS cancelled it. The show is so weird and just when you think you have an idea what’s happening, you’re totally wrong.

Bonus: Shows That Ended in 2020:

Two very special shows ended this year: Schitt’s Creek and The Good Place. Both were such incredible comedies that had so much heart. The whole premise of The Good Place was inventive and hilarious—which is no surprise coming from the genius, Mike Schur. The writers were constantly outdoing themselves with fresh new storylines that came out of nowhere. Schitt’s Creek took a generic trope—the fish out of water—and created the most iconic characters to grace our TV screens. Moira Rose alone was a total queen. The Rose family and the oddball townspeople gave viewers poignant storylines and relationships you were always rooting for. There’s a reason it completely swept the Comedy awards at the Emmys thins year. Both shows gave us beautiful final episodes that perfectly encapsulated how special the shows were and continue to be for new viewers.

We got some comedy, some drama, even some dramedy! I obviously go more in-depth of these shows in my monthly wrap ups, so go and check them out!

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