Best of the Decade: 2018

For the next 10 days (with a little break on Christmas day), I’m going to recap the last decade—probably some of the most emotional years of my life. Now, these are just some of my favorites across the last decade, I obviously can’t include everything. When it comes to TV shows, I only chose shows that had a premiere date starting 2010 or after, hence why favorites like Parks and Recreation and Community aren’t on the list. I hope you enjoy!Continue reading “Best of the Decade: 2018”

Eighth Grade and the Genius of Bo Burnham

Bo Burnham is one of my all-time favorite comedians. A friend of mine in college played me some of his songs and I was instantly hooked. I couldn’t believe someone just under a year older than me could make such smart and relatable comedy. He completely rock my world.

Continue reading “Eighth Grade and the Genius of Bo Burnham”