January Movie/TV Wrap Up

First month down, 11 to go.


The Flight Attendant – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Dare Me –
On Pointe –
I May Destroy You –
Pride and Prejudice –
Search Party (season 4) –

Nice TV month! I finally got around to watching the Pride and Prejudice miniseries and have now seen shirtless Colin Firth in the pond in context. The Flight Attendant was interesting and I really enjoyed the character study as Kaley Cuocco’s character developed over the season. I know it’s considered a dark comedy, but I think it was definitely considered more of a straight drama. The miniseries on HBOMax, I May Destroy You, was unreal. Michaela Coel created, wrote, co-directed, produced, and starred in the difficult show about a woman piecing her life back together after being raped. The hype is real with this one. I could probably watch the docu-series, On Pointe, all the time. I loved getting to follow the students of the School of American Ballet, especially the younger kids getting ready for The Nutcracker. I really hope it comes back once the pandemic is over and the kids can return to school.


The Unicorn – ⭐️⭐️
The Sound of Metal –
Safety Not Guaranteed (rewatch) –
After We Collided –
I Used to Go Here –
Ingrid Goes West (rewatch) –
Yes, God, Yes –
Babyteeth –
The New Romantic (rewatch) –
Unrest (rewatch) –

I did lots of rewatches this month, two of which were brought on by books I read this month. After reading Like Brothers by Mark and Jay Duplass, all I wanted to do was watch Safety Not Guaranteed. Mark Duplass is so freaking talented and I could watch Jake Johnson do anything and be a happy girl. I’m pretty sure this time travel movie is the first thing I ever watched from the Duplass Brothers and probably my favorite, too. I really wanted I Used to Go Here to be great because I really love Gillian Jacobs, but it was just lacking any depth. Hands down my favorite movie of the month was The Sound of Metal, about a recovering addict drummer who goes deaf. Riz Ahmed is such an extraordinary actor and I really hope this gives him the recognition he deserves.

In February, I plan to do even more rewatches with lots of romance. I’m also knee deep in a rewatch of The Mindy Project. I just want to rewatch all the things I love because that’s what brings me joy in a world that is garbage.

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