Unconventional Romances

I’m probably missing some favorites, but this is a good group of lovely movies to check out this February.

Conventional, Yet Unconventional

The Big Sick
Obvious Child
What If
Garden State
500 Days of Summer

Moonrise Kingdom
They Came Together
Sleeping with Other People

Sci-Fi? Magical Realism?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
About Time
Ruby Sparks
Safety Not Guaranteed
The One I Love
Palm Springs

Never Let Me Go

I love me a good quirky romance. These movies are all really fresh and interesting. I had to stop myself from adding too many movies because so many kept coming to mind. It’s no surprise that these are almost all independent movies. I guess mainstream production companies don’t want to take a risk with something a little different. Zoe Kazan seems to be the a common fixture in a lot of these movies, with Mark Duplass coming in at a close second. King and Queen of of the Indie Romance!

The first bunch of movies are all films I’ve seen a million times. They are such comfort films for me that can always turn my day around. Some tackle heavier topics like abortion, addiction, and serious illness, while others are just fun silliness. One that isn’t exactly for everyone is David Wain’s rom-com, They Came Together. If you’re a fan of his popular early 00’s movie, Wet Hot American Summer, then you understand when I say the humor isn’t for everyone.

There seems to be a whole sub-sect of these movies that have some sort of sci-fi element to them, something that usually wouldn’t be my jam. Maybe it’s not sci-fi per say, I guess you could call it magical realism? Whether it’s manipulating time, erasing memories, or living in a dystopian world. Despite the unrealistic aspects to their plots, the relationships feel so real and genuine. From romantic comedy super god Richard Curtis, About Time takes a blossoming romance to a new level with time travel. It’s such a beautiful movie about the preciousness of the quality time you spend with the people you love.

I wish I could pick a favorite, but they are all truly some of my top fave movies of all time. So I recommend you check out any of these picks on this Valentine’s Day.

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  1. itsKoo says:

    Great picks! About Time is one of my favorites. I love the entire soundtrack and I like Bill Nighy so much in this role.


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