Goals for the New Year 2019

2018 was the best year I’ve had in quite awhile. My health wasn’t the best, but it didn’t completely fall apart like it has the past few years. I managed to stick to some of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year, which is pretty incredible, especially when it comes to my usual track record. I used to make resolutions every year but I rarely ever stuck with them. This was the first year that I feel like I actually showed some growth. By calling them goals, I feel like there isn’t as much pressure and I think that’s why I was much more successful. Here are some of my accomplishments and then some of my goals for this next year.Continue reading “Goals for the New Year 2019”

Ten Years

Knowing the exact date you got sick is a blessing and a curse. Going to doctors I’m able to give them a very concise history of when everything started. However, I’m constantly reminded of that day, every year. I’ve talked a lot about my chronic pain journey—especially when it comes to my brain tumor—but I thought today, on this morbid anniversary, I would give you some insight into how this all started.Continue reading “Ten Years”

Random Christmas Tag

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!! And if you don’t celebrate, HAPPY DECEMBER 25TH!!!!! We had our holiday celebrations early because my sister has to work on actual Christmas. She flew out to Florida for the week, we saw some movies, went to Walt Disney World, and had our Christmas. For this tag, I pulled random Winter/Christmastime questions to answer, so this isn’t an official tag.Continue reading “Random Christmas Tag”