This month I am prioritizing Black queer voices in my reading to learn more. Urge publishers to be more inclusive because Black lives matter. People of color matter and they need our love and support.

Dear Publishers,

We’ve seen your statements. We’ve seen you state you want to “do better.” So this is what we’re asking from you.

As part of Readers for Equality, we’ve put together four actionable items you can take to uplift the voices of the many literary content creators of color. We are asking for transparency. We are asking for compensation. We are asking for a seat at the table.

To everyone else in the literary world, if you stand with us, please help by sharing this graphic in your own feed and in your stories. Together we can effect change.

Graphic by @parisperusing
Caption by @thestackspod

LGBTQ+ YA Recommendations –

Happy Pride Month!

I do not identify with the LGBTQ+ community, but I am a major ally and advocate. I think the YA community has some incredible stories about teens wrestling with their feelings about their sexuality and trying to figure out what it all means. On the opposite side, there are some books about people who are so sure of themselves. So sure about who they are and what they represent. So, I thought I would round up a list of YA books  that center around queer characters. Some of these are also own voices rep. These are all books that I have read and really love, but as someone who doesn’t identify, I’m not the person to accurately judge the representation. Just giving out my recommendations of some great stories and character arcs.