This month I am prioritizing Black queer voices in my reading to learn more. Urge publishers to be more inclusive because Black lives matter. People of color matter and they need our love and support.#ReadersForEquality✌🏻📚✌🏼📚✌🏽📚✌🏾📚✌🏿 Dear Publishers, We’ve seen your statements. We’ve seen you state you want to “do better.” So this is what we’reContinue reading

Spotlight on Black Voices

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you are aware of the protests around the United States—and the world—after the death of George Floyd at the hand of four police officers. These protest are highlighting the police brutality in our country, more specifically within the Black community.

May Wrap Up

“Salvation is certainly among the reasons I read. Reading and writing have always pulled me out of the darkest experiences in my life. Stories have given me a place in which to lose myself. They have allowed me to remember. They have allowed me to forget. They have allowed me to imagine different endings andContinue reading “May Wrap Up”

April Wrap Up

Total Number of Books: 20! (a personal best) Total Number of Pages: 6,537 Physical: 11 Audiobooks: 4 eBooks: 5 Favorite (New) Read of the Month: Normal People by Sally Rooney