Summer Pride Reads 2019

June is Pride Month! I did a post last year of some of my favorite LGBTQ+ reads and this time around, I thought that I would help jumpstart your summer TBR lists with specific summer LGBTQ+ BOOKS. Everyone has been making this post lately, but I thought I would add some of my favorites.Continue reading “Summer Pride Reads 2019”

Tell Me How You Really Feel – Review

Ever since the start of the year when I started reviewing ARC’s on this here blog, I’ve become harsher in my critiques. I used to just read a book, think it was fine, and then never think about it again. I’m now looking at things more critically —putting all those college literature classes to good use. While in the past I might have rated a book a four or five with no real thought behind it, now I’m getting strict.Continue reading “Tell Me How You Really Feel – Review”